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I am in financial trouble:

Why is it important to face your debts and not run away from them?

Try to turn your financial situation around?

  • Market research

When your company hits a (financial) rough patch, finding financing is not always the solution. Ask an external consultant to help you find out what the real problem is. Maybe you will have to market your product or service differently, or to a different target group. Do market research. The market is constantly changing. Is your product or service in tune with those changes? Use focused campaigns to spark interest for what you have to offer.


  • Bootstrapping

You need money to make a new start with your company or to explore new markets. Try to raise this money from your own assets. One way to do this is by cutting costs wherever possible, so-called bootstrapping.


  • External financing 


Do you need an external money boost? You may be able to re-finance your existing credit. Talk to your bank, or use (a mix of) alternative funding sources, such as crowdfunding, leasing, credit unions, and others. Perhaps you can ask your family and friends to co-fund you. To build trust, it is important, when you want to ask a bank or other third party to invest in you, to have some money yourself.

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