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Get external help:

  • Ondernemersklankbord: a national network of experienced ex-entrepreneurs and experts. They can help you take a good look at your business and its management. The advisors are volunteers, but they will ask you for a donation to the Ondernemersklankbord Foundation.

  • MKB Doorgaan: a national organisation that helps SMEs and self-employed professionals keeping their (essentially viable) business up and running. The first meeting is free of charge

  • Legal clinic at the AmsterdamLawHub:

  • Are you unsure about situation and would like to speak to someone? We are happy to offer you personal support during our bi-weekly legal clinic at the Amsterdam LawHub. Our team is trained in law and is – like your doctor -  obliged not to share your details or anything that has been discussed. 

    • Feel free to drop by at the next clinic on:


If you have any urgent questions, click on the chatbox in the bottom right corner to get in contact with us. 

Coming soon:

  • External sources for legal help

  • External sources for emotional support

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